Pallikari Ceramic Jewelry

Hara Pallikari was born in Chania, Crete, and grew up in Athens. She studied Applied Arts and Interior Design at Vakalo Art Design Institute in Athens, and worked for an architectural firm, eventually deciding to follow the “art field” at Opto Contemporary Ceramics, established by her mother Keti Anastasaki.

The first steps involved designing and creating ceramic objects and small sculpture, thus learning the art and the material, finally taking to her own path, the one leading to «sculpture to wear”.

Unique handcrafted jewelry – α marriage between the coarseness of stoneware and the fragile beauty of white and black porcelain, brushed with glazes, engobes, and oxides, strung and knotted with earthy cords, leathers, and straps.

Ηer creations are available at the workshop/showroom «Opto – Keti Anastasaki and selected shops in all of Greece. Specially designed jewelry and fashion accessories have also been created in conjunction with exclusive fashion firms.